Designed in 2010, there are now 4 versions.

The mk4 version was designed at 4/5 the original size of the mk1 and was shipped to America in 2017.

image - Pete Shepard

The other models reside in Manchester and Moscow.

I can build you one if you like. POA

mk1 - Make Yourself Comfortable - at Chatsworth House 2015

mk2 - in Blue and Grey finish on the Virgin Media Home of The Future stand at IDEAL HOMES 2012

mk3 - with Neon panels finish and wider seats at The British Higher School of Art & Design Moscow 2016

Manta Motion Studies for James Cropper White Paper Project 2015

8 Manchester based designers were asked to develop designs using specially selected papers. Each piece could only use a single sheet of A1 heavyweight paper.

I opted to create a series of sculptures mimicking the movement of a Manta Ray.

The chair frames are Bauhaus 'style' replicas that had lost their cushions.

Race For The Line Chandelier 2009

A large lighting piece using cut coloured strips of glass in a complex timber frame. 

It spent some time in a shop in Central Manchester then ultimately resided on an old decommissioned Manchester Bus.

Current whereabouts - unknown!

Half The Story - table design 2016

IKEA - 'not as cheap as it looks' by ifsodoso (a previous moniker) 2010

Commission application for Salford Quays art project 2011

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